Our Capabilities

Regency Teas operates a production plant of 90,000 square feet with modern infrastructure and tea cleaning technology. The tea cleaning technology is a vital part of the manufacturing process to ensure impurities during the production stage are thoroughly cleaned out and purified before reaching the consumers.

The Company is equipped with a range of high speed tea bagging machines which are capable of producing up to 250 tea bags per minute and a total of 2.75 million tea bags per day. The latest of the tea bagging machines from Germany and Italy use proprietary technology to seal the tea bags without using aluminum staples.

Foil Envelope Tea Bags

Features                       – Stapler free.

                                       – Double chamber tea bags.

                                       – Foil or paper envelope tea bags.


Double Chamber Tea Bags

Features                       – Stapler free.

                                       – Double chamber tea bags



Single Chamber Tea Bags

Features                       – Stapler free.

                                       – Single chamber tea bags

                                       – with or without string & tag.


Pyramid Tea Bags

Features                       – Nylon

                                       – Soilon (Bio-degradable)

                                       – Non-woven (Bio-degradable) tea bags.


Loose Tea Packaging

Features                       – Tea in tins

                                       – Tea in jars

                                       – Tea in ceramic

                                       – Tea in composite cans

                                       – Tea in packets

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