Who we are?

Regency Teas (Pvt) Ltd., was founded in 1997 by a group of tea enthusiasts, who at the time were firmly established in the plantation management sector. The desire to present tea loving consumers worldwide, a unique plantation fresh ‘cuppa’ motivated these tea specialists to give birth to Regency Teas.

Our Products

Our capabilities

Regency Teas operates a production plant of 90,000 square feet with modern infrastructure and tea cleaning technology. The tea cleaning technology is a vital part of the manufacturing process to ensure impurities during the production stage are thoroughly cleaned out and purified before reaching the consumers.


Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea ironically begins with coffee, and reveals a complex and compelling story of how a little island has come to be world renowned for its premium quality tea. Sri Lanka, known then as Ceylon, was under British rule since the year 1815. Its possession was considered vital but the cost of maintaining military presence and infrastructure necessary to secure it was prohibitive. Coffee was seen as the solution to managing the financial difficulties of managing a colony.

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